Dough Bowl Candle
Dough Bowl Candle
Dough Bowl Candle

Dough Bowl Candle

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Rustic Dough Bowl Candle

Spruce up any space with these wooden dough bowl candles. 100% Soy Wax, carefully selected fragrance oil and three lead/zinc free cotton wicks - hand poured in a distressed finished wooden bowl. Perfect for any rustic/farmhouse aesthetic.

Made with my Signature Fragrance, "Farmhouse Kitchen"

Top notes of ginger, cream, butter & graham cracker. With aromas of vanilla, molasses & spices. Infused with natural essential oils - cinnamon bark, ginger, orange & eucalyptus.


All of the bowls are each unique, giving them a true rustic design. Because of this, each bowl varies slightly in size and wax amount. All bowls are approximately 12-14 ounces of wax.  Dimensions are approximately 9.5" x 5.5" x 2".  

You may notice discoloration of the wax over time, this is totally normal with natural waxes and does not affect the quality of burn. Natural waxes also tend to have an uneven surface, especially after burning. I would personally have a safe/clean burning candle, than a pretty smooth top ;)


Yes, this is a wooden bowl candle. Please burn carefully, as you should with ANY candle. Never burn out of sight. Burn on a level, flame resistant surface. I DO NOT spray these vessels with any type of flame resistant spray - as I want my products burning as clean as possible and this would tamper with the quality of the burn. With that being said, I believe these bowls are safe to burn as long as the person burning it is aware and follows typical candle safety.


Candle Care: You will receive a candle care card with your order...
  • Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4", trim before lighting each time
  • Let candle burn until wax pool reaches the jar edge to prevent tunneling/uneven burning
  • Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Stop using when there is only 1/4" of wax remaining
  • Keep candle away from fans, walls, curtains, children and pets
  • Never leave a candle burning while unattended